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Music Lovers and Playa Principles

Our camp’s mission is to create a community that inspires collaboration between house music lovers, DJs and local artists while celebrating the principles of Burning Man.

To achieve this, Miki Beach will concentrate on the factors of energetic music, dancing, inclusion and kindness.  Miki Beach is a place simply to find amazingly good vibes in a fun environment, for everyone.

Below are descriptions of each of Miki Beach’s interactivity with the playa:

Miki Beach Parties

Since Miki Beach is a sound camp, providing excellent music for the Playa is a top-priority. We are planning to host three public music parties throughout the week, each featuring a line-up of 6-10 local US and international DJs, who will not only perform deep house and playa-tech beats designed for desert-listening, but who will also curate new musical experiences for burners that will inspire and resonate indefinitely. Our public parties will also offer an open-bar serving chilled alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

And these are some of the things you can expect at our parties.

Hot Dog Hangdouts

During each of our parties, Miki Beach will hand out hot dogs to hungry party joiners and passersby.

Hand Massages

A seated Miki Beach volunteer will be providing hand massages using organic Floridian massage oils.

Sunblock Giveaway

In keeping with our Miki Beach theme, we will have a sunblock station where will supply sunblock to anyone who needs during the hours before sunset.

Essential Oils

Miki Beach volunteers will be walking around during each party with atomizers of water infused with lavender/eucalyptus essential oils, to help people stay cool and smell fresh!

MOOP for Drinks

To help maintain a MOOP-free camp, during each party we will flip into “MOOP for drinks” mode as needed, where the bar will only serve drinks in exchange for a piece of MOOP.


During our Wednesday party, a volunteer will be providing nail polish manicures to non-campers.

Sunrise Breakfast

​During two mornings of the week, we will serve breakfast (e.g. bacon, eggs & toast) for a few hours to both Miki Beach campers and the public.

Sunrise Mimosas

Sunrise breakfasts will be accompanied by classic mimosas.

Royal Treatment

This will be Miki Beach’s main engagement “station” set up near the front of our camp. Our goal will be to create a short, fun experience for participants that educates and rewards. We will attract participants with the classic bullhorn, and an appealing station design.

  • First – Educate: Prompted by a Miki Beach volunteer Host, participants must answer three questions about Burning Man culture – e.g. name 3 of the BM principles; What do you do with MOOP that is too large to carry?; Who can you look to for safety/help on the playa?

  • Second – Reward: Participants will receive a two-minute Royal Treatment, comprising several indulgent physical pleasures, specifically:

    • A comfortable, shaded chair to sit or lay down on.

    • Two costumed Miki Beach volunteers, one on each side, fanning the participant with pond fronds.

    • A third volunteer serving the participant a cold beverage & fruit on a platter.

    • A fourth volunteer providing a head or hand massage, participant’s choice.

Other activities include:

Painting Classes

On Thursday, we will provide canvases and water color paints for campers and non-campers to paint during two hour sessions, guided by a professional artist.

Ice Cold Treats

To hydrate and delight, Miki Beach will serve pre-made slushies, smoothies, and iced coffees to campers and non-campers alike.


A certified yoga instructor will lead a 45-minute class for 20 yoga students (mats will be provided). The class will be first-come, first-served for anyone who would like to join.

Pickleback Dance

In parallel with the cold treats giveaway, we will be handing out pickles and shots as part of a game that gets people moving. Participants will throw a dart at a dartboard marked with different dances (e.g. tap dance, ballroom, breakdancing, ballet). Participants must perform a short dance in this style, in order to receive their pickle and shot.

Public Structures (24/7)

Improved from last year, Miki Beach will have public shaded seating accommodating ~40 people at any point in time, as well as a 12-foot viewing tower where one can view the neighborhood/playa.

Pendant Gifts

We will be designing and creating our own high-quality, metal Burning Man pendants for Miki Beach campers, with extra to serve as giveaways to visitors who bring extra positivity, enthusiasm, and helpfulness to the camp and/or the playa.

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