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As burners near Miki Beach, they will first see our striking tower structure, bearing a large, beautifully carved MIKI BEACH sign across the top. This wooden tower serves dual purposes. At the base is a 64-square-foot shade-covered cushion designed for luxurious lounging. Directly twelve feet up features a viewing platform where burners can enjoy a 360 degree view of the breathtaking mountain skyline and take in all the wonders of the Playa.

Dance Floor & Stage

Also at the forefront of our camp will be a 400-square-foot performance and sound stage, warmly welcoming burners to join the Miki Beach music and dancing festivities.  The DJ booth will be constructed out of wood and adorned with unique wood accents, metal ornaments, silk plants and vintage decor. The sound stage will boast quality sound equipment including Pioneer CDJ 2000s, 2000 Nexus mixers, Funktion-One subwoofers & speakers and sound-activated lighting. Complementing the sound stage will be a state-of-the-art handmade dance floor installation with multi-colored lighting surrounding the entire performance area and the camp. An intricate construction of triangular fabric sails will provide shade while also creating an environment of good vibes with high and inviting energy.

Main Seating Area

Next to the performance and soundstage area, there will be a 20 ft x20 ft seating area with ample family room style seating (e.g. couches, lounge chairs, cushions, coffee table) for communal conversation and interaction. The majority of the space will be shaded with tenting and/or fabric. This is a relaxation space to lounge and hang out with fellow burners. Everyone is welcome!


Bordering the main seating area, Miki Beach will also feature a cocktail bar, creatively titled “Miki Bar,” which will serve three refreshing signature Tropical cocktails.


Our kitchen will be placed behind the dance floor and seating area. The kitchen will have a gas grill, managed by professional Miki Beach chefs, and a few folding tables to support preparation and serving.

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